Hannah's Bucket List


  1. Be a maid of honour or bridesmaid
  2. Run my own photography business
  3. Visit Highclere Castle in England
  4. Own 1930's-40's style heels
  5. Have 100 followers on this blog
  6. Lead people to Christ
  7. Make perfect meringues
  8. Dance in the rain November 2017 It was so fun! I got soaked.
  9. Buy 10 brand new books all at once
  10. Tie dye a t-shirt July 11th 2017 I did it with one of my friends!
  11. Visit Hobbiton
  12. Speak German fluently
  13. Have my own room October 2017 I love having my own room
  14. Own every book by an author I love
  15. Go kayaking
  16. Read every book I own
  17. Own a typewriter
  18. Milk a cow
  19. Visit Ireland
  20. Get my driver's license
  21. Experience a white Christmas
  22. Leave a note in a library book
  23. Ride in a hot air balloon
  24. Go on a road trip with friends
  25. Win a giveaway
  26. Finish school
  27. Have handwriting I am proud of
  28. Be at all of my friend's weddings
  29. Completely finish a whole diary
  30. Finish watching Call the Midwife
  31. Get a dog
  32. Learn to cook well
  33. Arm knit my own blanket
  34. Read the whole Bible
  35. Enter a photo competition
  36. Start a china plate collection
  37. Hang up a string of Polaroid photos
  38. Paint a piece of furniture with chalk paint
  39. Know part of the Bible by heart
  40. Get a job
  41. Thrift something and re-use it
  42. Own the complete Larkrise to Candleford
  43. Begin an art journal
  44. Re-watch Downton Abbey
  45. Go to the hairdresser August 5th 2017 as birthday treat!
  46. Spend a whole week with friends Oct 9th-Oct 14th 2017
  47. Make perfect macaroons
  48. Donate money for a good cause
  49. Own all of Jane Austen's novels in the same editions
  50. Read all of L.M Montgomery's books
  51. Write a good poem
  52. Eat a whole container of ice cream myself
  53. Plant my own herb garden
  54. Get my first real photography client
  55. Make my own tea blend
  56. Watch every single JA adaptation
  57. Complete my 2018 New Year's Resolutions
  58. Receive flowers from someone
  59. Be a good at guitar and piano
  60. Subscribe to a monthly subscription box
  61. Have my own glory box

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