2018 Goals

My Goals for 2018

  1. Start reading the Bible from cover to cover
  2. Drink more water
  3. Tackle my skin condition
  4. Read 55 books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge
  5. Re-design my blog
  6. Complete 5 modules in my photography course
  7. Read 2 Jane Austen novels
  8. Eat more fruit than sweets
  9. Exercise 
  10. Reach at least 15 more followers my the end of the year
  11. Donate to The Bible Project
  12. Live out the Bible
  13. Keep my clothes organised
  14. Get a job
  15. Save up some money 
  16. Practise my calligraphy
  17. Get a new phone
  18. Learn to be more grateful
  19. Do small things with great love
  20. Buy a journaling Bible
  21. Expand my library
  22. Organise and back up my photos
  23. Post a book review each month
  24. Read the books I own
  25. Share my faith with someone
  26. Push myself in prayer
  27. Finish studying the first 5 books in the Bible

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