The Colour Yellow : Photographed by Me

I decided to add these photos to yesterday"s post but there were enough photos of yellow things I had found that I am putting them into a separate post.

Yellow is a summer-y, happy, smiley, bright colour and it's bound to make you day sunnier!

And that's all for today's bonus post. I do hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back on Monday!

September ~ What happened, Favourites + October goals

Just a note before I get started: This Monthly post was originally called a monthly photo album but then I had bigger ideas and wanted to include more about what had gone down in that month. So now each month you will get a post like this one, with what happened, my favourite things for that month and goals for the following month. Photos that I took that month will still be included.

Now that that is out of the way, let's get on with what I did this month!
 this flower is called a freesia and they were growing at a bottom of our hedge. They smells a bit peachy in my opinion.

September was a very good month I would say. The weather was getting warmer and sunnier. Spring is a very nice season though not my favourite season.

Blossoms on trees always make me think of a bride, all white and pretty!

// Things that Happened in September //

  • Our town had it's local annual spring event, Daffodil Day, and we walked around the stalls that lined the Main Street. We bought some churros too. I think I ate most of them!
  • Isabella and I spent some time with our friend's horses, Marty and Jemma, feeding them grass and treats.
  • I saw the new version of Swallows and Amazons twice and loved every bit of it.
  • I received a christian children's picture book for review. I will be posting the review on here and on Goodreads.
  • My younger brother, Sebastian, turned 11 today! Whoo-hoo! 
  • I ticked off 3 of the movies I wanted to watch in this post. Saving Mr Banks, Viceroy's House, Swallows and Amazons and tomorrow my Mother and I might watch The Zookeeper's Wife.
  • I was 'in charge' for the weekend last week because my Mother and my Aunty went away for a night. It was a birthday present from my Aunty to my Mother (I don't call her this normally but it sounds better than Mum when you're writing it I thought) and they only managed to do it last weekend. So I was in charge of looking after the younger ones and organising meals while my Dad and brothers worked outside. We did pretty well without her but it wasn't the same with her not there.
  • School holidays start today! And don't worry, you will still hear from me every Monday and Friday.
  • I watched four episodes of Call the Midwife and cried because Alec died. I want Jenny to be happy guys!!! Don't we all? (If you've watched it)
// Completed goals //
If you look back to here, you'll see that I listed 'Things I would like to do in September'.
These are the things that I ticked of that little list.

  • I read more than three books, but some of them were quite small. Still, they do count as books!
  • I did earn some money by doing some housework for the neighbour's.
  • I completed all but one of my assignments.
  • Finished knitted the 2 dolls blankets I started last month.

By favourites, I mean new things that I really love this month. This month it will be pretty pins on Pinterest.

Now for my October goals. 
  • Read a non-fiction book
  • Plant some of my seedlings
  • Take photos with friends
  • Be diligent in school when the new term starts
  • Not to waste time in the holidays
  • Build a herb planter
  • Read as much as possible
This is Raphael or Rafi as we call him mostly.

I can never get over this cutie! She calls lemons, "blen's". I don't know why. I doesn't sound like the word "lemon". She talks quite a bit!

That's all for now. There will be a bonus post tomorrow so look out for that!

Nancy and Peggy from Swallows and Amazons

Some facts about the Girl behind this Blog

I feel like you guys need to know a bit more about me so I decided to write this post. I did a 10 things you don't know about me post here. But I didn't cover much so today I bring you......20 facts about me.
  1. I used to go to ballet classes.
  2. I find fairy lights fascinating.
  3. I wish I was born in Summer so I could have a summer birthday party. 
  4. I share a room with my sweet 8 year old sister. I do hope to move into a extra room we have soon.
  5. I don't like being told to read a book, like for school or something. I only really read a book I pick up myself and want to read.
  6. I don't generally read non-fiction. But I want to try to read it more next year.
  7. Currently The Magic of Ordinary Days is my favourite movie.
  8. My room has a balcony connected to it.
  9. I live on the North Island of New Zealand. 
  10. Summer is probably my favourite season. Though I like Autumn/Fall too.
  11. I hate the wind. It scares me even when it's not very strong I always start imagining the roof flying off. We don't even have hurricanes or tornado's here.
  12. I love vintage style. Rustic things, pastels, lace, and pearls!
  13. I don't really have a favourite author. Shocking isn't it? I just haven't found one yet.
  14. I can't wait till I learn how to drive! 2 more years! Just 2 more years, Hannah.
  15. Violets, hydrangeas, lilacs and peonies are my favourite flowers.
  16. I am not a confidant cook. I need to practise cooking more.
  17. I have never had a major injury or illness. Great right?
  18. I love newborn babies and the way they smell! Ok, I did mention that in this post.
  19. I hate it when people burp loudly. It's so disgusting!
  20. And lastly, I have sort-of greenish-brown eyes. Somebody once described them has hazel. I like to think of them as green though they 're not very bright green.
Tell me 3 facts about you, if you'd like!

Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Joy, happiness and laughter are very important things. I can't imagine what it would be like if I lived without them.
But what it is that brings you happiness is also important. Think about it, what makes you happy?
Being with family, playing video games, getting praised, winning at sport, books?
It is important that the right things bring us happiness than not so good things. These are the things that make me happy!

1. I love to be around friends. I am quite an extrovert! Social activities, parties, get togethers, it's nice to have a good time with nice people and it makes me happy.

2. Happy couples in movies and books. Always brings a smile to my face. I sometimes also squeal like a piglet when I am very happy about the happy couple.

3. Getting mail. It is always nice to open the letterbox and find something addressed to you.

4. Eating mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! I love it soooo much. The mintyness and little bits of chocolate, it's all just fabulous!

5. Finishing a book. You get such nice feelings when you finish a book you enjoyed. Happiness, excitement (if there is another book in the series after it) and accomplishment.

6. Music! I don't know what I would do with books and MUSIC. It always makes me happy (as long as it's a happy song). Owl City, Lawson Bates, Swallows and Amazons soundtrack and any other happy little tune I find on Spotify.

7. Reading other bloggers blog posts. My favourite blog I think is Wonderland Creek. But any of the blogs I follow I enjoy read a new post from.
An unrelated picture this time because I couldn't find one that went with reading a blog post. And I do love Catherine Morland!

8. Summertime! My favourite season and there are so many things to be happy about in Summer. the sun, going swimming, the picnic's and BBQ's, all the glorious fruit, the sea, lemonade, walking around barefoot, icey treats and seeing friends a lot more.

9. New stationary! You know when you get a new pen and you can't stop admiring how nicely it dances on the paper when you write or an unused notebook that has totally blank pages just waiting for you to splash words or art all over them?

10. Flowers! I mean how can someone looks at flowers and not be filled with a certain kind of happiness that is only felt when one is looking at simple and extraordinary beauty?
I am feeling a bit poetic today! 

So there you have it!
Happiness is such a wonderful feeling. I hope you are feeling it today!

This movie made me happy too! I love these two!

Top Ten Book Covers I Would Hang on my Wall

Peek of what's on my wall! I made both of these.
Today I'll show the Top Ten covers I love so much I would use them as room decor!
They are in no particular order. And I have not read them all....yet! Actually I have barely read any of them! Oh dear!











Ah! Weren't those some beautiful covers?
Have you read any of them?


The Sick Book tag

When I first saw the name of this tag I was confused. It might sound bad but it's actually quite clever.
I don't know who the clever person is but hats off to you, you created a cool book tag.
Now let's get on with it shall we.
At the time of writing this I do have a bit of a cold. Coincidence?

Tag 2 bloggers after you.

1. Diabetes: a book that's too sweet, like really sweet
Not only was this book full of mouthwatering cakes, the whole story was sweet too.

2. Chicken Pox: a book you only read once and will never read again

3. The Flu: a book that spreads like a virus
Is this one is meant to be like, a book that you loved more and more as you read it or something like that?
Ugh, I can't answer this one. It's too confusing.

4. The Cycle: a book that you read yearly of at least often
I have yet to find a book to do this with. I want to have a Christmasy book that I read every December but  have not found one yet.

5. Insomnia: a book that kept you up all night
I have never stayed up ALL night to read a book. I have read till like midnight, but not all night.
I went through a craze with this series and on a few occasions I stayed up to finish them.

6. Amnesia: a book that you've forgotten or failed to leave an impact on your memory

7. Asthma: a book that took your breath away

8. Malnutrition: a book that lacks food for thought

9. Travel sickness: a book that took you on a journey

I hope you enjoyed my answers for this tag. Have you heard of it before?
Have you read any of these books?

I tag:
Amy: Blog and Channel
Macaiah: Notebooks and Novels  

~ Hannah