\\ August Photo Album //

I wish I took this photo but I didn't!

August was a cool month. I took quite a few photos but a lot of them were for this blog. I don't like using stock photos because it feels like stealing other artist's work. So I try to take the majority of the photos on this blog. 
I have decided to change this monthly post a bit. I will have the photos that I took in that month and write the things that happened, things that I did, and thing that I hope to do in the coming month.

It is getting harder to photograph Amelia because she moves around a lot more than she used to.

A pearl bracelet on the first page of Pride & Prejudice. I like playing around with different things and taking photos of them.

I picked some snowdrops on a walk and of course I had to take a picture....or two..or five.
This is my succulent which amazingly is still alive. If you have trouble remembering to water plants, get a succulent because you only need to spritz them with water about once a week.
Making a cup of my favourite tea! Rose,Grapefruit and Tangerine. Mmmmmmmmm.
The sunlight filtering through the rainbow beet in the vegetable garden.
Another photo of my delicious birthday cake.

New leaves are forming on our fruit trees. Spring is coming soon!

// Things that happened in August  //

  • I turned 14
  • I read about 4 books
  • Got my braces put on
  • Started my first photography course assignment
  • Got into the garden and begun to get it ready for planting
  • Started following about 9 more new blogs
  • Visited a few friends
// Things I would like to do in September //
  • Read at least 3 books
  • Complete my assignment for photography
  • Earn some money
  • Plant things in the garden
  • Build a planter for my future herb garden
  • Get a new memory card (boring I know but I need another one #photographerslife)
  • Try out new hairstyles
  • Finish knitting the dolls blankets I am working on
|| Currently || August ||

Listening - Owl City, Copperlily, Michael Buble
Discovering - Lawson Bates music, these blogs A Girl's Place   the introverted extrovert   
Read- Alice Miranda to the Rescue, The Courtship Basket (I finished it this month so that counts right?), The Help, Preparing to be a Help Meet (because I'm getting married soon! No I just thought it would be a good read and it was. It made me think and I actually had  a few chapters left but I'll probably re-read it later in life)
Eating-frozen yogurt, the best guilt-free chocolate chip cookies, mint choc chip ice cream, lots of soup because of my braces, a great Shepard's pie, and chocolate
Thinking - about summer, youth conference that I am hopefully going to, my camera, my friends, reading and my new room which I want to move into soon

Some cool people

These are some cool Youtuber's that need some love. I enjoy watching these guys and I hope you find some new people you haven't heard of before!
Tip: Click on the green links to be taken to their channels.

and just for fun

My Favourite Couples Ever!

After seeing a similar post on another blog, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my favourite couples (manly from Period Dramas) and lots of pictures.
Warning: there will be spoilers!
So I no particular order, here goes.......

Sophy Hutton & Dr Frank Harrison ~ Cranford

I mean honestly, THEY ARE THE MOST ADORABLE COUPLE EVER! *squeals*
Sophy is one of those girls that looks like a beautiful doll. She's sweet, kind, responsible, caring, loving, and looks after her family exceptionally well.
Dr Harrison is wonderful too. (Spoilers) I felt so sorry for him when there is all that mix up with the ladies.
He was so confused as to what on earth had happened while the only heart that had earned his affection was Sophy's.
He is also caring, hard working, honourable and every bit a gentleman. And his blue eyes!!!!!!
*sighs because she loves blue eyes*
What more can I say?

Sybil Crawley & Tom Branson ~ Downton Abbey

These two!! They suit each other very well I think.
They are both stubborn and a little bit rebellious. I love their story. It has it's ups and downs like many love stories but eventually they click.
I love Sybil because she is the peacemaker between her older sisters, she is very kind, and I very much admire her when she becomes a nurse. Her voice is very nice too I think.
Tom, well he's Irish! I have a thing for the Irish, their accents guys!!! Aside from his accent he stands very strong for what he believes in, loves Sybil very much, he is adorable with his daughter and I feel so sorry for him when he is struggling with adjusting to the "upstairs world" and when his darling Sybil dies.
This picture makes me soooooo sad, but it's also beautiful. *sad sigh*

Elizabeth Thatcher & Jack Thornton ~ When Calls the Heart

Oh my goodness! I love this series. Have you seen it, because if you haven't I don't know what you're all waiting for.
Unlike the other shows I have mentioned in this post, this one is set in Canada.
Elizabeth Thatcher is smart, good with children( I mean she is a school teacher ), determined, independent and has a sense of humour.
Jack Thornton is kind, down to earth, brave, (handsome) helpful, clever, a JACK-of-all-trades, and a Mountie.
These two have yet to get engaged at this point. I am still waiting to watch Season 4.
I the little town of Hope Valley where they live, there are some other pretty cool characters in the series!

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe ~ Anne of Green Gables

It's been a while since I 've watched this and I have yet to read the books but these two are still on this list.
They have one of those relationships that starts of with one side (or both sides) hating the other person but then eventually falling in love.
If you've watched it you will know of the slate incident!
Anne is imaginative, lovable, clever, stubborn, dramatic, and well.......she's Anne! You can't help but love her despite her faults.
Gilbert Blythe. He is kind, funny, charming, smart, and caring.
You root for Gilbert from the start in this unique but classic love story.

Missie Davis & Willie LaHaye ~ Love Comes Softly movie series
*smiles at the happy memory of this couple*
These two knew each other from childhood. It's so cute when Willie's returns Missie's hair ribbons to her after he's kept them since his school days.
Willie is the kind of man I wish there were more of today. He is hard working, kind, protective, fair, loving, brave, godly, and handsome.  😃😏😏
Missie is faithful, kindhearted, friendly, motherly, compassionate, godly, wise, and patient. She works as a school teacher and she is not very good at cooking.

Mary Crawley & Matthew Crawley ~ Downton Abbey
They are cousins so that's why they have the same last name to start with. Arrggh! I LOVE this couple so much and I am soooooo sad that these too get separated by the death of Matthew. Matthew, oh dear dear Matthew! Why did you have to drive so fast? I know you were excited and bursting with joy and pride at the birth of you first child but have you heard that speed kills?
*wipes a tear from her eye*
Matthew is awesome! There that's all. Ok, he's also affectionate, brave (I mean he fought in the war, you gotta be brave for that), a bit stubborn, more down to earth than most people would be if they where an heir to a great estate, and altogether lovable. I mean when you watch it you can help but love him as a character.
Mary is heartless. (That's what my brother and father think) No. Mary, I understand you. It is not easy being the eldest in the family. Mary is well, it is a bit tricky to describe her. She can be a little mean to Edith or anyone who gets of on the wrong foot with her but when she meets Matthew he brings out the best in her I think.
One other thing, this isn't Mary's fault but I dislike the fact that a nanny takes care of their children and they only see the kids for a few hours each day. That's just how it was done in those days but I just think it's not right. If you have kids, spend time with them, teach them things, play with them.
There are still some very sweet scenes in this series where Tom or Mary is bonding with Sybie or George.

Phew, that is the longest description of any of the couples. I wonder why? (hehehe)
I enjoyed that and I hope you did too. No doubt there will be a follow up someday.

Who are you favourite couples and are any of them the same as mine?

This Beautiful Fantastic movie review (with Spoilers)

I watched this movie recently and LOVED  it.
This post with be me rambling on about this movie and a LOT of pictures. *smiles*

'This Beautiful Fantastic' is about a rather odd, single young lady named Bella Brown who wants to write a book and is scared of plants, who finds love, overcomes her fear (of plants)  and befriends a grumpy but kind old man.
I love the fact that Jessica Brown Findlay plays Bella Brown. I had only ever seen her as the lovely Lady Sybil Crawley in the amazing Downton Abbey series.
(How pretty is this picture of Sybil!)

Bella Brown's neighbour Mr Stevenson is upset that she has neglected the garden. He makes a complaint and an inspector arrives and tells her she has a month to tidy it up.

As their friendship blossoms, Mt Stevenson helps her out in fixing the garden.

 She begins hating gardening and ends up loving it. Alfie Stevenson is the type of person who is grumpy on the outside but inside there is a kind heart. I really like that about him. When he shows Bella his garden it is magical. Colour blooms everywhere, and he names them all as they walk though this forest of flowers.

Bella Brown is a very odd person and she keeps everything very perfect and organised. Bella's job is at the library which suits her because she has loved books since she was a girl.
It is at the library she meets Billy. Billy is a designer and comes in to the library to work on ideas and gain inspiration from other designers books.

Jeremy Irvine plays Billy. He is a very cute character and I like him a lot. Jeremy played Albert in the 'War Horse' too. Though he was quite young in the 'War Horse' he acted amazingly well.
I love this scene where they meet by accident in the park.

They suit each other because they're both a bit odd in their own way.

Billy shows Bella (Billy and Bella isn't that cute!) is mechanical creations.

                                                          Luna, the mechanical bird

Billy asks her to tell him a story about Luna and that is where she gets her inspiration for her children's book. Luna's name comes form the fact that she is powered by light even moonlight, hence Luna!
I also love this part. As she thinks up the story in her head.

Now I have to talk about the Irishman Vernon for a moment. He is so funny but very caring and you feel sorry for him because he is a widower dad looking after his twin girls.

Vernon works as Alfie Stevenson's cook at first and then he becomes Bella's cook.

Vernon still cooks meals for Mr Stevenson and passes the meals through a 'window' in the garden shed between the neighbours.

One of my favourite parts is when Billy comes to see Bella because she hasn't been at the library for a while. She thought she had seen him with another girl and was upset but Billy explains that that was his identical brother as he is the oldest of triplets. Billy wasn't able to meet her because he had had an accident and wound up in hospital.

Bella completes her garden project and since it was Alfie who called the inspector he tells him to leave Bella alone now.
The Luna story idea develops into the story for her children's book which is named 'This Beautiful Fantastic' .
Before she publishes it however, Mr Stevenson unfortunately passes away. Alfie Stevenson leaves his house to Vernon and his girls.

Here everyone is happy, sitting in Bella's garden, listening to her reading her book aloud.
Overall this is a very warm and charming story and I definitely recommend the movie.

What did you think of this movie if you have watched it?

Photography Tips that Helped Me

Helpful Tips

When I look back now I can see the very beginnings of the photographer I hope to become.
I used our small point and shoot camera more than anyone else and then when I actually decided to pursue photography as a future career.
I still consider myself a beginner/amateur photographer but I thought I would compile a list of tips that helped me when I had never picked up a DSLR before.

1. Your camera is not as fragile as you might think!
Cameras are built to take a few bumps and knocks now and again. So don't freak out to much if it happens.
I treated my camera as if it was a delicate china cup when I first got it and I still handle it carefully but not so much as before.

2. Always carry more than one battery or memory card!
I currently only have one battery but I really do need a few more.
To many times I have been happily clicking away and then the battery goes flat or my memory card is full.
It is very frustrating when that happens so try to avoid it by having back up on hand!

3. Share your photos with others
Don't be shy to show others your work. Join Facebook groups, use Instagram, anything you prefer!
How else will you start to improve if know can give you tips and advice?
I share mine on my Facebook page and in the Facebook group called build + bloom by jessica whitaker .

4. Get rid of anything that is not needed in your shot!
Only have what you need to tell the story you want to tell and eliminate the junk that is unnecessary.
Sometimes you can get excited about it and add to much. So just keep tat in mind!

5. Take lots of pictures!
Bring your camera with you everywhere you can and practise.
I bring my camera where ever I think I'll get some nice photos. Also keep it handy at home, you never know when there might be a good photo opportunity!

I hope these help you like they helped me!
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Afternoon tea

As a treat for my birthday, my Mum, younger sister Isabella and our Nonna (Nonna is Italian for grandmother, I'm not Italian though) went out to a small French cafe called "Mirabelle" in our town.

I ordered a small blackcurrant tart and a hot chocolate.

I took lots of photos before I actually started eating I must have looked weird. #photographerslife
Confession: I kind of got the hot chocolate so my Mum could take a picture of me like this.

Below is the cake my Mum had. A lemon-y kind of cake. It tried some and it was quite nice.

There are mirrors all around on the walls. I had a bit of fun with them.

Isabella chose a pain au chocolat I think.

A random tea-inspired collage I made. (the pictures are from Pinterest)

How cute are these tiny jars of jam?

Some random quotes:

"You have to take control of your feelings, before they take control of you" - Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey

"How comforting it is that there really are a few good people left in the world" - Lady Edith Crawley,
Downton Abbey

"Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet" - Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables